Costa Smeralda // Sardinia // Italy


Project term
2012 – 2016

Project partners
Paul Schad GmbH // Mennerich Landschaftsarchitektur

ICAZAR deliverables
in close cooperation with Paul Schad GmbH: Architecture // interior design // project management // M&E construction management

Located on the Costa Smeralda, the property has its own access to the sea.

The commission was to modernise the interior layout and structure of the building and install a pool. Local regulations required that the existing shape and boundaries of the building be maintained. Complete redesign was not possible.

The building was erected in the 1960s in an organic style with an irregular roof. The interior was divided into small rooms with little natural light and limited views.

The interior layout was changed to give all rooms a sea view, and the roof was transformed into a flat green roof. Access over the small patio was made more open. New landscaping now means the building blends into its surroundings better, and zoning the garden has improved sea access.