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Mallorca is HOT!

Casa en España / 2 / Summer 2012

She had never been on Mallorca. The island gave her visions of drunken tourists drifting down the boulevard, loud music and long beaches full with hysterical young people. A beautiful island? She couldn’t believe that until she flew over to the island. Wanda Saalberg connects her own fascination for Mallorca with the islands rising popularity under North-Europeans.

Stepping into an airplane with such a prejudgement, why would you? “Eventually, it was not a sales-talk or a brochure from a travel agency that persuaded me”, said Wanda Saalberg, “it was the same old story: The love of my life.” You have to sacrifice something for that.

Her mouth fell open from behind the airplane window. A picture as derived from a movie: green mountains and a blue sea that reflected the sunlight. So beautiful, that she couldn’t take her eyes off. “I will never forget the moment! It was as if l I flew over Thailand. I was so happy.”

“I was always looking forward seeing that first bit of Mallorca that suddenly appeared beneath me. All my senses were being stimulated; As if I’m already smelling the green forests and hearing the sea.” After the arrival at the airport, driving to Palma de Mallorca takes about only ten minutes. “After the highway I couldn’t wait until the traffic light turned to green. Through a wide road I was driving into the capital. Situated at the left: The Sea, the beach, the palms and the huge boulevard. At the right: The immensely impressive cathedral. I feel it; I am home!”

The most beautiful beaches

“I discovered many surprising beaches on the island. It’s not easy to get there, but it’s worth it! Bahia Azul is my favourite. The drive through the mountains is worth the trip by itself. Luckily, you can reach the beach by car, because biking there is not recommended. You take a steep slope down, that after a day relaxing you’ll have to walk up again. In between the rocks you find small sandy beaches where you can enjoy the sun, the beautiful views and where you can create your own place. A cool box with water, wine, beer, sandwiches and tapas, an unfolded parasol and the day can start. Advice: make sure you arrive early because the real mallorquin know this is a perfect enjoyable spot, so the most beautiful spots are soon taken.


¨Many areas of Mallorca are protected. Last summer, during a speedboat tour I took to the protected and uninhabited island Cabrera, it turned out to be even forbidden to put down the anchor because this may affect the seabed. And thus, all boats are floating next to the buoys in the water. It gives a good feeling that everyone helps with keeping the unique natural beauty.


“Mallorca is not only beautiful, it is also incredibly clean. So clean it can even work against you. During a walk over the beach, I once lost a shoe out of my bag. I didn’t notice it until the following morning. Immediately I went searching for it on the beach and the boulevard. Unfortunately, I never found back my shoe. In theory, I could have saved my energy since it is known, that the boulevard of Palma de Mallorca is being cleaned every morning. However, for a shoe you obviously put in some effort. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything else than go out for shopping new ones. Also for that, there are plenty of opportunities on the island!

I’m grasped by the Mallorca-virus. I am a true Mallorca-addicted enjoying the free life there; everything goes more relax compared to The Netherlands. If I would ever like moving to Mallorca? Yes, please, rather today than tomorrow!”